FAZ Magazine

Frecuency monthly
Copies 241.671
Readers 985.000
Source / AWA 2018


F.A.Z Magazin is a one of a kind, visually stunning, fascinatingly surprising magazine. F.A.Z. Magazine is included on the second saturday of every month. It covers design, travel, fashion, living & design, beauty, jewellery & watches, and groupmet topics.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazine is unique among the competition – for one because it reaches a first-class readership that is not directly addressed by other lifestyle magazines. For another, because its large format allows for unparalleled opulence in its presentation to the target group. The editorial impressions on this page provide a small glimpse of the unequaled generosity and sensuality of the F.A.Z. Magazine.

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F.A.Z Magazine is at home in the world of sophisticated lifestyle with well-connected journalists, notable guest authors, and top photographers.
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